Top 7 Greatest Challenges Men In Recovery Must Overcome

Rebuilding family relationships challenges any man after the hurt and pain he causedEvery person in recovery faces struggles and challenges in learning how to live a successful, productive life. The men striving to make that transition back to their families through Vision Warriors are no different.

We asked Gary, our house operations director, for a rundown of the top challenges faced by the Vision Warriors he helps.


Most guys find it difficult to open up to another guy. That makes transparency one of the biggest challenges.

“We’ve got pride. We think we look weak opening up. We think that’s what women do,” Gary said.

New Vision Warriors find it tough to talk to people and discuss their problems.

But to make a successful transition, when some problem comes up the men need to talk about it.

Missing Family

Many of the men may have burned a lot of bridges and upset many people who had to deal with their addiction. That doesn’t make it any easier to be away from family. It’s one of the biggest challenges a Vision Warrior face. If he’s got kids, the pain of this separation makes it even tougher. But he needs to learn to live before going back home only to repeat bad habits.

Building or Rebuilding Relationships

Missing family is tough. So it stands to reason that rebuilding relationships with families will challenge any man after all the hurt and pain you put on them, Gary said. A Vision Warrior’s journey includes trying to mend those relationships while learning how to transition back to his family.

Becoming Productive in the Community

It’s tough for many Vision Warriors to get a driver’s license and a job. Many men in recovery lost their licenses. If he lost his license through a DUI offense, he’ll have even more hurdles to clear to get a new license. If he doesn’t have a vehicle when coming to Vision Warriors, getting one won’t be as easy. Working is one of the requirements to be a member. That lack of transportation makes getting and keeping a job tough.

Holding Other Men Accountable

Part of the success of Vision Warriors comes from the men holding each other accountable for their actions. It’s difficult to call somebody out when you see they’re doing something wrong, or not doing something they should in the house.

But if one of the men fails to clean his room, skips chores or doesn’t clean up after himself, his housemates must hold him accountable.

It’s challenging, though. Many of the men relied on their parents or wives doing most of those things their whole lives. Or if he’s living on his own, his house resembles a pigpen.

The strength of transitional living for Vision Warriors comes from the members. They can relate to each other and share lessons they’ve learned. That transparency needs reinforcement through accountability. They’ve got to drop the notion that they’re “tattling” on someone. They need to realize adults hold each other accountable for their actions.

Working to Pay the Bills

Something men struggle with when fueling their own addictions is going to work every day. It’s tough to pay the bills on time when the money goes toward that addiction.

“It’s kind of crazy to spend all your money on dope, and not pay bills,” Gary said.

Now that they’ve made it to Vision Warriors, they need to develop good financial habits.

Learn How to Become a Vision Warrior

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